Stucco Repairs

We have a Stucco Repair Division that specializes in just stucco repairs, the lower mainland is home to many different types of stucco installations, over the last 100 years stucco has been the cladding of choice for homeowners & builders, ranging from traditional rock dashes with glass added, slop dashes, textures to the more modern installs like E.I.F.S., Rainscreens, Outsulation, newer finishes like acrylic & ultra smooth acrylics. Whether you have to replace new windows, doors or a new addition let are skilled stucco masters be the one to manage and match your stucco repairs, we will give you the best options for what your project requires.

Traditional Finish Stucco

Traditional stucco is applied in a three-coat process to wood-frame, steel or concrete exterior walls, Residential or Commercial. It starts with a scratch coat spread over metal lath, the rough surface allows the next layer, the brown coat to adhere. The brown coat adds strength and acts as a base for the finish coat.
With its natural lasting durability and relative low maintenance, traditional stucco applications will bring about an original and classic look to your home while providing a solid and efficient exterior.

  • Skip trowel textures.
  • California dashes.
  • Knockdown dashes.
  • Sand finishes.
  • Dry Rock Dashes.
  • Slop Dashes.
  • Rainscreen Envelope Systems.
  • Outsulation Exterior Systems.
  • Etc.

Acrylic Finish Coatings

If a sleek and modern finish is what your project requires, our Acrylic stucco applications are available in a variety of surface compositions and colours. With textures ranging from smooth, fine, medium, scroll and even textures,  and a wide array of colours from soft shades to deep earthy tones, acrylic stucco is a mixture of high- performance acrylics specially blended for breathability, adhesion, flexibility, texture and toughness. Coupled with a rainscreen system, an Acrylic stucco finish is a low maintenance, fire-resistant, durable cladding over metal or wood framing and works as a concealed barrier enabling enhanced drainage to allow incidental moisture that may get behind the stucco to flow faster to an exit point. Beautiful and efficient!

Acrylic Finish’s:

  • Smooth/Limestone.
  • Fine.
  • Medium.
  • Swirl/Scroll.
  • Freeform Texture.

E.I.F.S. Stucco System

E.I.F.S. stands for exterior insulation and finish system and offers continuous insulation by design, while helping to meet the new energy codes. EIFS will increase the R-value of your home or building. The higher the R-Value the better. Your heating/cooling or HVAC system will be utilized less meaning more savings. Stucco and EIFS are common cladding systems that appear similar from the exterior, but these systems have very different attributes.  Although these two claddings may look the same, they perform very differently. EIFS technologies have come a long way, being that they are an air tight waterproof system, the vapour barrier is a liquid applied membrane applied over sheathing and tied into penetration details with a built in rainscreen, they are excellent for our B.C. climate and are one of the best cladding options available.